Šolta is one of the middle-Dalmatian islands located south of Split. Šolta is well known for its beautiful and intact nature, forests and crystal clear beaches. While most of the Dalmatian islands have become overbuilt and crowded with concrete buildings and apartments, Šolta has remained pure and unspoiled.  It features very rich wildlife, with a large number of rare animal species, especially different sorts of birds which cannot be found on other locations. The south side of the island is features fascinating natural beaches which are accessible only by foot or by boats.  
The island has a very rich history with the first signs of inhabitation dating back to Neolithic period. The archeological sites contain different tools such as axes and knives used on the island. The roman emperor Diocletian used to have a fishpond located in Nečujam bay on Šolta, and Šolta was one of key trading points, exporting its famous olive oil and wine. The prior name for the island was Solenta which means "the island of the sun". Even today the tradition of olive oil and vine making is still alive, using the traditional cultivation process.
There are nine settlements on the island: 
  • Grohote - considered to be the central point of the island located approximately in the middle, with most of the main facilities such as the island administration, police, infirmary, etc.
  • Nečujam - one of the most tourist oriented locations with beaches, bungalows, swimming pool and other contents
  • Rogač - the main port of the island, with docks for ferries and catamarans, and a yacht marine 
  • Maslinica - another beautiful and old village, having the only hotel on the island
  • Donje selo, Srednje selo and Gornje selo -  these three old villages feature the ruins from the antic period, and very beautiful old churches and buildings
  • Gornja krušica and Donja Krušica - these two villages are located at the sea front with beautiful natural beaches and crystal clear sea. The ideal place to experience the natural and indigenous Mediterranean ambient.